Eben Ezer distributes information via newsletters on a regular basis.  One of these newletters, Phoebe, has been in circulation for over one hundred years.

Phoebe was begun in 1904 by Pastor Madsen and published as a quarterly magazine “in the interest of the Christian Diaconate, or Christianity work among sick and needy.” The first issue explained the purpose of the paper, pictured plans for the Sanatorium and appealed for helpers, young Christian women to be trained as deaconesses. Pastor Madsen named the magazine Phoebe because it was the name that European Motherhouses used for their publications. He wanted the Eben-Ezer Motherhouse to follow the same customs and layout as the European model. Phoebe is the name of the first Deaconess mentioned in the New Testament. Paul speaks about her in the book of Romans (16:1-2): “Now, I introduce and commend to you our sister Phoebe, a deaconess of the church at Cenchrae . . . for she has been a helper of many including myself.” 

Phoebe was originally printed only in Danish and remained that way for many years. Over time, it grew from a quarterly to a monthly publication because of the interest that thousands of households and churches across the country had in the work being done at Eben-Ezer. Pastor Madsen used the platform to inform and instruct his readers. The publication contained news from Eben-Ezer, information on new treatment of tuberculosis, stories of work being done from the Diaconate world, historical developments or news items that affected the Church and biographical sketches of pioneers in mercy work. Because the needs were great in caring for patients, Pastor Madsen frequently appealed for Christian workers and money for building or equipment.

Following Pastor Madsen’s death, administrators continued to use the Phoebe for much of the same functions. No longer a monthly or quarterly magazine, it still provides information and stories about the people in Eben-Ezer’s care and remains an important connection to households today.


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