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in home servicesPersonal Care/Homemaking
Eben Ezer offers personal care in your home. Our caring personal care providers can assist you with bathing, shaving, hair care, dressing and foot care. Eben Ezer’s Homemaking service includes light housekeeping such as dusting, vacuuming, mopping, sweeping, bathroom cleaning, meal preparation, dishes and kitchen cleaning, laundry and errands.

Medicaid can pay Personal Care and Homemaking if you have been approved for Home and Community Based Services (HCBS). If you are not covered by Medicaid the private pay cost of Personal Care is $25 per hour and $20 per hour for Homemaking. There is a mileage charge equivalent to the IRS mileage rate, round trip, from our office to your home charged each visit.

For more information on Personal Care and Homemaking call 970-842-6600.

Eben Ezer’s Lifeline program is a personal response system which links a person to a 24-hour assistant from the home at the push of a button. A small personal help button worn on a neck chain or a wrist strap allows free movement around the home or yard. If assistance is needed the button is pressed and a signal is sent to a dispatcher who will immediately contact the person you choose as your responder to come and check on you. If your responder is not available, emergency services will be contacted. Lifeline also provides an Auto-Alert button which will detect falls and send your help signal automatically.

Eben Ezer’s Medication Dispensing Machine
Eben Ezer provides a medication dispensing system to assist in medication managment. This system is designed to avoid problems associated with missing doses and taking incorrect medication amounts at incorrect times. As approximately one in 10 hospital admissions is due to the incorrect use of medications, this type of program will greatly reduce the risk of unplanned hospital or doctor visits due to medication issues and allow users to remain independent at home.

Eben Ezer’s In-Home Maintentance and Grounds
Eben Ezer’s In-Home Maintenance department specializes in minor home repair and installation including fixing light fixtures, leaky faucets, broken stairs, the installation of grab bars or othe specialized home safety equipment. Eben Ezer Grounds department provides lawn and grounds service including lawn mowing and trimming, edging, shrub trimming, gutter cleaning, leaves and snow removal.

Contact Eben Ezer for an evaluation and bid, 970-842-2861 Ext 9215.

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